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Once again this year Mrs. Michele Meyerhoeffer has produced an amazing Mother's Day video! This was shown to moms at her Annual "Muffins with Mom" celebration. Grab a will touch your heart. ILS is so lucky to have Mrs. Meyerhoeffer. We love you and your class!  Click here to see the video.

Immanuel Lutheran School is so lucky to have such great staff, students, friends, family members, and Church members who are always there to support us!  Thank you for making our carnival such a success!  Click here to watch the video.

Thank you to everyoe who helped decorate our doors and hallways.  We all feel so appreciated!  Check out the decorations.

Mrs. Lori Lawson, Immanuel Lutheran School Physical Education Teacher, has been working hard to get our students ready for Track and Field Day. Check out Ms. Wiersma's students practicing the sack race.

ILS had another successful Science Fair!  Our 3rd and 5th graders had amazing projects.  Many thanks to our 6 judges for volunteering their time. Thank you to the 6 judges.  You can view the projects here.

Mrs. Vargas' K-5 students did such a good job in Chapel on May 1st.  This video will make you smile. Watch it here.

Immanuel Lutheran School is proud of our Battle of the Books teams. They worked hard and did a fantastic job! We appreciate all of the parents, teachers and other students who helped them prepare for the competition!  Watch the video here.

God gave us a great day for our Jog a Thon! Thank you to all of the students, staff, friends, and families that joined us!  You can watch the videos here: Pre School - Grade Two  Grade Three - Grade Five

At Immanuel Lutheran School our staff not only focuses on teaching and advancing our students in the academic curriculum but also on turning our students into kind individuals who truly want to do the right thing and have compassion for everyone. One student who truly deserves to be recognized today is AIDEN VISSER!

Mrs. Beed's Pre-Kindergarten class helped lead worship in Chapel on April 24th. You are really going to enjoy watching this video. These little children have really got some moves while praising JESUS!  Watch the video here.

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