Friday, September 6th – Spirit Orders Due by 3:30 PM

Chapel this week is at 8:50 AM in the Sanctuary.

We will alternate chapels from mornings and afternoons. The first, third, and fifth Wednesday will be in the morning and the second and fourth Wednesday will be in the afternoon.

Parents are welcome!

Parent Note:  Monday, September 3rd

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Immanuel Lutheran School has two fourth grade classrooms.  These classes are taught by Mrs. Emilie Carlson and Mr. Scott Nelson.

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Shanda Hughes is the Immanuel Lutheran School Secretary.

Phone Number:  208-733-7820 

Email Address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Immanuel Lutheran School has one third grade classroom.  This class is taught by Mrs. Alicia Reynolds.

Immanuel Lutheran School has one second grade classroom.  This class is taught by Mrs. Christy Custer. Mrs. Lawson is the Para-Professional that will be working full time with Mrs. Custer.

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