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Fifth Graders did an amazing "Wax Museum" project!  Families and students enjoyed  the displays and watching the characters come alive!  Great job, Mrs. Carlson and students!  Check out the video.

The Polar Express arrived at Immanuel Lutheran School!  The students had a great day!  Many thanks to ILS Staff and parents for make it so special!  Check out the video.

Mrs,. Meyerhoeffer's Kindergarten Class helped lead our worship at Chapel.  Great job, students and teacher!  Check out the video!

Students in Miss Klumb's Kindergarten class did an amazing job presenting at Chapel.  Watch the video here.

We LOVE our families!  Thanks to everyone for attending!  Watch the video here.

Immanuel Lutheran School Praise Team, directed by Mrs. Laurel Gibson, sang at the Twin Falls Senior Center. The students loved performing for these great people! On gracious lady even said that the only thing wrong with the program was that it was not long enough!  Click here to watch the video.

Students had a great time and learned a lot about keeping their bodies healthy during Red Ribbon Week.  There were dress-up days during the week which ended in an "All School Walk" on Friday.  Check out the pictures.

Immanuel Lutheran School is so pleased and proud to have Mrs. Michele Meyerhoeffer teaching at our school! She is not only an amazing teacher but a wonderful, caring person! Love you, Mrs. Meyerhoeffer!

Immanuel Lutheran School was awarded the Snake River Grant! We received $3500.The funds will be used to enhance our music program. We will be purchasing a classroom set of drums and ukuleles along with a large drum.

Students celebrated Halloween at ILS by dressing up as their favorite book characters.  Check out how creative they are!  Watch the video.

If you plan to attend our Thanksgiving lunch on Friday, be sure to take a minute to look around our school. The classrooms and halls are filled with things our students and staff are thankful for. Just a few examples are these pictures from Mrs. Alicia Reynolds, Third Grade Teacher at ILS. Make sure you take a minute to look at the poster and see what Mrs. Reynolds is thankful for this year.

The students at Immanuel Lutheran School enjoyed a presentation by drivers Melvin Mayer and Lance Reed from Crete Carrier Trucking Company on Monday, October 22nd. Thank you, Mr. Mayer and Mr. Reed for taking the time to visit our school. Click here to see the pictures.

Mrs. Jensen's Kindergarten Class present at Chapel.  Watch the video to see what fun they had sharing God's word!  Watch the video.

Immanuel Lutheran School is so blessed to be supported by great families, Church members, and a great community! Thanks to everyone who attended our Spirit Night and to the Chick Fil A for giving us this great opportunity!  Click here to see the video.

Thank you, Moms, Grandmas, Dads, and Grandpas for coming to Muffins with Moms.  We appreciate your support and love having you visit school.  Check out the video!

Mr. Bob Ohlensehlen, representing the Twin Falls Rotary Club presented each Third Grader with their own student dictionary. The students were so excited. One student shared that now he felt "so adult"!  Check out the video!

Camp Perkins visited Chapel today.  The students were excited to have Signe and Nicole lead us in worship today.  This video is of the 5th Grade Class sharing a song they learned at Outdoor Ed.  Click here to see the video.

Ms. Schmidt's First Grade Class presented in Chapel today.  They encouraged us all to TRUST IN THE LORD!  Great job, kids!  Click here to watch the video.

Immanuel Lutheran School Praise Team led by Mrs. Laurel Gibson, helped lead us in worship for the first time this year.  They taught us a new song, "Lean on Me" which reminded students how they can always lean on JESUS.  Great job, Praise Team!  Check out the video.

Students in Mrs. Reynolds' Third Grade Class had fun and did a great job doing a Reader's Theater.  They worked hard on all their back drops!  

Everyone enjoyed learning what FAITH meant to Ms. Custer''s Second Grade students.  Click here to watch the video.     Click here to see their drawings.  Great job!

Immanuel Lutheran School "Meet me at the Pole" September 26th. We had a great turn out this morning. Thank you parents, grandparents, and Immanuel Lutheran Church members for attending. Also thanks to Pastor Gullidge for leading our worship service.  Click here to watch the video.

Here is the link for the slideshow for Chapel.

We had an AMAZING first day of school!  We love these kids and their families. Check out the video here.

Thank you to everyone for supporting the Immanuel Lutheran Church Youth Group at the Spaghetti Supper!  Also, many thanks or making our Open House such a success!  We are looking forward to a great year!  Click here to see the video.

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