Adventure Days

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Mrs. Hegman's Kindergarten students helped lead Chapel on Wednesday, November 9th.  They did such a good job!  Enjoy the video.

IMG 6570
We love our Harvest Parties. Thanks to our great moms for choosing such fun activities! Enjoy the video!
Another one of our favorite fall activities. Students dress up as a character from one of their favorite books! Check out the creativity! They enjoy the "Book Character Parade"! Enjoy the video!

20221027 090359

God gave us a nice crisp morning for our "All School Walk"!  Enjoy the video!  Notice how our older students help our younger ones!  


First Grade students of Ms. Schmidt and Mrs. Gullidge helped lead Chapel on Wednesday, October 26th.  Enjoy the video!


God gave us a beautiful day and amazing friends and families to support us! Enjoy the video


Mrs. Buscher's Second Grade Class helped lead Chapel on Wednesday, October 19th.  They did a great job.  Watch the video.

IMG 4182

The students in Mrs. Rhoades' and Mrs. Gullidge's Second Grade Class make great "Reading Buddies" for Mrs. Silver's Afternoon Pre-Kindergarten Class.  Enjoy the video!


Mrs. Rhoades and Mrs. Gullidge's Second Grade Students helped lead Chapel on Wednesday, October 12th.  You will love the video.

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What a great way to start the day! Thank you to Pastor Sedlmayr and everyone who attended. Enjoy the video!


Apple Day in Mrs. Meyerhoeffer's Kindergarten Class. What fun they had! Enjoy the video!


As you know all of the students at Immanuel Lutheran School have weekly memory work.  See what a great job even our smallest students do.  These are Mrs. Silver's AM Pre-Kindergarten Class.  They are reciting Psalms 119:105 and Psalms 46:10.  Enjoy the video.


Mrs. Carlson's Fifth Grade Students helped lead worship in Chapel on Wednesday, September 14th.  You will enjoy this fun song!  Watch the Video


We had a wonderful first day of school!  It is going to be a GREAT year!  Enjoy the video.


Welcome back!  It was so much fun to meet everyone!  We are looking forward to this school year!  Enjoy the video.

God gave us a GREAT day for our Jog a Thon. With your help we were able to earn $21,000! The students, families, and staff did a wonderful job! Enjoy the video!



Thank you to Immanuel Lutheran School! Their students provided hams for Thanksgiving to Magic Valley High School's staff members and students. We are so appreciative of community members like you!


Mrs. Reed's Kindergarten Class did an absolutely amazing job at Chapel on Wednesday, November 10th!  There are TWO videos.  The first one is a narrated play and the second is a song that will really touch your heart.   Enjoy the narrated play.  Enjoy the song.