Recent Events


Immanuel Lutheran School students enjoyed sharing their Easter Blessings with you.  Watch the video.


Memory work is an important part of Immanuel Lutheran School's Religion Curriculum.  Mrs. Jensen's 4th Grade Class and Mrs. Silver's Pre-Kindergarten Class participated in a "Memory Challenge".  At the end they celebrated with a playdate at the park.  Enjoy the video


Immanuel Lutheran School Staff and Students LOVE celebrating "Read Across America" and Dr. Seuss's birthday.  Enjoy the video.


We feel very blessed to be celebrating 100 Days of School this week!  Enjoy the video.


Immanuel Lutheran School Staff and Students had a great time celebrating National Lutheran School's Week.  Enjoy our video.

GOD blessed us with a great day at Magic Mountain! Everyone had a
wonderful time and stayed safe. Enjoy the video.


Book Character Day at Immanuel!  The Child Development Center and Immanuel Lutheran School had fun showing each other their costumes during our outside parade.  Enjoy the video.


It was a beautiful day for our All School Walk!  We do indeed live in a WONDERUL WORLD!  Enjoy the video.


Even though our Pumpkin Patch looked a little different this year we had a GREAT time!  Many thinks to all who helped make this happen.  Enjoy the video!

IMG 2575 2
September 2nd-4th the 5th grade was able to participate in Adventure Days. As a class we enjoyed time in God's creation. Wednesday we spent swimming at Bass Lake. Thursday was spent on the Snake River kayaking and zip lining. Finally, on Friday we hiked Mogensen Trail where we saw the base jumpers land. We had an amazing time together. Thank you to all the parents that organized and chaperoned to make these days happen. Enjoy the video.

ptlThe PTL Fun Sale was a great success, they raised $1300. We would like to thank all those who helped serve ice cream and the Fourth and Fifth grade students for counting change, etc.